Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great July Results, a Silverstar, and a Possible Move Up

I'm very happy with my July. I ended up with a $284 profit for the month and 95% of that was from cash games. Even though I still enjoy SnG's and an occasional MTT, I think I am best at ring games. I think my reads on cash players are best and being able to treat each hand like a new situation helps. I've read about a few good players on Cardschat dedicating themselves exclusively to cash games and I think I'll go right along with them. Even though the poker world recognizes successful tournament players more, I don't mind. I'll take the money over the fame.

Anyway. I think I have quite a ways to go before I have to worry about anything like fame. Even though I had a successful month, I feel like my game needs vast improving. I recently made a video of me 4-tabling 25NL on Stars . Not only did I post the link in Cardschat's Poker Videos section for critique, but I also took a good look at it myself. Seems I am back to playing nitty and in the grips of passiveness. My PFR% for the month was still 6.32 and my Postflop AF was 1.83. I would like them up to 8 & 2 respectively. I did notice something about game conditions at 25NL that I didn't notice before. I noticed that 4-, 5-, and 6-way limped pots were more common this month. I'm not sure if that was a new thing or just that I finally noticed it. I did take to occasionally putting in a hefty PF raise in position when I saw a limpy pot developing. But I also would limp right along with hands that I thought were too weak to confidently raise like AJ or KQ suited. I'm not sure if that is the correct move, but I often perceived my pot odds as good enough to try for a big flop. Again, not sure if I should do that.

I did take a 24-hand stab at 50NL in July. After having my KK outflopped by a set of 7's and blindly pushing that flop with my overpair to lose my stack, I thought better of the move and went back to 25NL. I did take to 5-tabling well and I believe that it is what helped me earn SilverStar status on PokerStars. They did have a few days of double FPP's, but I still think playing one more table helped to a greater extent. Now I do have the bankroll to move up to 50NL, but I think I'm going to ease myself into it. Last night, I multi-tabled 2 25NL tables with 2 50NL table and it seemed to work fine. I'll probably stay that way for a while until I get more comfortable with 50NL.

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