Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reno Report: Pokery Stuff - Part 2: Sunday 6/29

OK. In Part 1 of the Reno poker play report, I described an exciting Saturday evening 6/28. So now, by popular demand, I will attempt to report on Sunday's poker activities in Reno for us Cardschat folks.

After breakfast, some of the folks played in a timed shootout tourney at Circus Circus. I'm not sure of the buy-in, but basically you play for an hour and the one with the most chips wins. I think it was winner-take-all, also. I was a late riser, so I missed it. Some of the CC folks played but none won.

Then we played some 1/2 NL again. I did well again and more than doubled up after buying in for $60. Can't remember my big hand, but it was typical to the previous night's play. Plus, the table started to break up about 30 minutes after I sat down. However, the buzz hand of that session involved JD on my right. I think I had colored out, but was still watching from my seat next to him. I think it was 5-handed and JD raised standard from pre-buttonish position with KK. I think the one player who called was in the blinds, not sure. Flop comes TJK. Player bets out and JD shoves his set since the pot was big enough. Player calls. Turn comes a blank and river is a Q. JD flips over his set of Kings and the other player turns over AT for the straight. Needless to say, JD was not a happy camper for a while after that. But the bright side was that JuiceeQ stayed for a while 3 or 4 handed and took back a bunch of that player's chips. I'm not a short-handed fan, but she really thrived that session and all weekend in fact.

After some other activities and meals, we came back to the Circus Circus poker room to play some 10-player sit-n-go's. $25 buy-in gets you 1200 chips and a $5 "dealer add-on" gets you 300 more. Pay was $100 1st, $60 2nd, $40 3rd. Freak noted that it was 33.33% rake since only $200 out of $300 was in the prize pool. Not sure if that is typical, but it didn't seem pleasant. 15 minute blinds may sound slow, but in live play it was more like a turbo. The first round or 2 were normal play, but then the blinds got so high that you had to make shove plays that you wouldn't normally make. I was pretty much card dead in both and took 6th in each of the 2 SnG's we played. In each one, I got in a position where I had to shove AJs and a pair of 3's to a raise and busted with each. There weren't really any exciting hands that I saw in either game. But in winning the first game, Gesshoo had to fend off a guy who was down to 200 chips and came back by winning 5 or 6 all-in hands until Gesshoo finished him off with pocket rockets. Lady T took 3rd in that one. In the second game, it came down to a heads-up battle between Freakakanus and Amador Ed. Freak pulled out the win and Ed completed the CC domination of the games. CC players cashed in 4 of the 6 possible placings. Very nice!

That's about it. It was so fun playing live poker with the folks I've gotten to know online. The brews, buffalo burgers, and rum bars just topped it all off. Next year... Vegas!!

I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking of posting reviews of the Circus Circus Reno hotel and the poker room. Both are worth a try while in Reno.

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