Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reno Report: Pokery Stuff - Part 1

Well, of course, we had a great time during our Cardschat Brewfest Meetup in Reno on June 27-30. Met some great folks, had some good beers, found a great rum bar, had some great sushi, etc., etc., etc. But this post is mainly about the poker happenings on our trip.

Since we liked it so much when we played there during last year's meetup, we again played all our poker at the Circus Circus poker room (room review to come in another post). We started out at 6 pm Saturday evening after the brewfest and a big meal at a cool sushi & barbecue place. I was actually late for meet back at the poker room since I took a nap and had some difficulty getting fired up. No, not from too much brew. I think it was a touch of dehydration. Reno has a very dry climate at high altitude combined with the alcohol as a diuretic made for a dried out Mr. Stick. I had some trouble getting up the energy to get moving after my nap, so I showed up 20 minutes late.

So I got there and all the CC folks are at a new 1/2 NL cash table that was full with a couple other folks. I got on the wait list and was hoping to get to play with my friends, but instead the staff opened another table since the list was full enough and they had another dealer ready. So they put me on the newest table and I knew no one. But it turned out to be a stroke of great luck...

So on about the 4th or 5th hand, I pick up JJ in the BB. 4 limpers and I raise to 20. I did this for 2 reasons. First, I only bought in for $60 since it was my first live poker in a few months and I lacked a bit of confidence combined with not feeling the greatest. I wanted to put a portion of my stack in so I would feel more compelled to shove the flop with an overpair. Secondly, there was 10 in already. So I wanted to pretty much play tight-minded and buy the pot instead of deal with a flop so early. Winning that pot would allow me more chips to test the waters here while getting a read on the folks. So back to the hand... 3 limpers fold and the SB calls. The flop comes 459 (I forgot the suits). The SB checks and I shove my stack of about $37. He calls. It's a cash game, so we don't flip until after the river and can muck without showing, if desired. So the rest are 8J to make the board 4598J. He flips over 45 diamonds proudly and I show my set of Jacks for the win. He slaps the table and says "Good hand". He's a jittery, kind of skinny guy who looks like he is keyed up to gamble and he sure did with that 45d.

So a few hands later, I pick up KQ in early position. It seems like $10 is the standard raise at this table and there has been a lot of caller who fold the flop. So I limp, a guy in MP limps and the button raises to 10. I decide to flat call, and so does MP guy. The flop is all low cards so I check and so does MP. The kid on the button weakly tosses 10 out there again. I read him as having nothing and call. Turn is another blank. I check, he bets $10 and I call again. The river is a Queen, so I value bet $10. He makes a crying call and flips over KJ. I show my KQ, he says "Yep" like he knew I hit my Queen but just paid to see it, and I take the pot. During the hand, I was really confident that he was just on a button steal and I could tell he had nothing through the river. I was pretty proud because I normally wouldn't call down against odds like that online.

So then a few hands later and 1 dealer change, I see some folks win pots and correctly tipping the dealer. Then it dawned on me that I forgot to tip the last dealer. I played in February in Reno, but never had to tip since it was a tournament. Plus I was barely feeling up to snuff and all my energy was into my poker thinking. I typically also forget to tip the cocktail waitresses when I get like this, but I usually remember later and double them up the next round. So I start to feel a little badly for forgetting the last dealer.

So a few hands later, I get Aces in the CO I think. By this time, the jittery gambler guy on my right has recovered from my first hit on him and has about $65 from being down to about $20. He's been playing really aggro by raising in position and betting the flop and turn to induce folds. I think he's only shown down once or twice more since my hand with him. So there were a couple of limpers and Mr. Gamble raises to $15. I guess he realized he was starting to get too many callers by raising to only 10. So I want him heads up and I know he'll call me, so I put him all in. The blinds fold, the limpers fold, and he calls. Then the dealer puts out 4 cards after the burn card. Something like TT42. So he calls over the floor and the floor says to re-shuffle the non-dealt cards and re-deal the flop board. I said something like "That board is fine with me" and the old man on my right barks at me "You might get a better board!" in a "you dumbass" type of tone. I said "Uh, I don't think so." So the new board comes out K8K and I was gonna bitch so hard if this guy had a King. But the rest of the cards came out correctly, I flipped over my AA, and he said he had nothing and mucked. Oh man! Those Kings worried me! Then I remembered to tip the dealer.

So after another few hands, I colored out from the table because I started feeling worse. But I realized I more than tripled up, so I wasn't feeling too badly. So then I walked over to the CC table where our old dealer was. I was going to slip him a $5 chip and apologize for forgetting him earlier (the average tip per pot there looked like $2). So I stood behind him a ways to wait for him to finish the current hand. But I had over $200 in red chips and a bunch of players at the table started staring at them. So as the dealer finished the hand, he turned around, saw me with my chips and said "Sir, your going to have to go sign up for the waiting list." I said "But I was just going to..." and he interrupted and said "I know what you were going to do. You need to go sign up." He sounded really mean, so I must have really pissed him off by not tipping him. So he then accuses me of trying to do something that I wasn't going to do and he missed out on his tip because of it. I mean, how could anyone try to sneak a chair at a table with floor people around and a full waiting list? Yep, he was really pissed. So I whispered to one of the CC guys that I had to go back to my room and I went to cash out my chips.

Jeez! This is a long one. That was just Saturday night the 28th. I'll post about Sunday soon. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Part 2??

Stick said...

I'll get to it. I promise....JD.