Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Results: Good SNGs, Poor Rings

June has been quite the mixed bag for me. There's been good news, good news, and bad news. I'll share them in that order.

GOOD NEWS #1: I ended the month at +$169 profit. It's OK that $159 of that was profit from Reno cash games (report to come next post). My online performance was only +$10 overall, but that's better than being in the negative. I had a bad swing mid month that had me running negative, but I came out of it later.

GOOD NEWS #2: My SNG game remains good. I thought my recent good progress might have been a fluke given my long term SNG mediocrity. But it seems I am holding steady. Not great, but steady. I ended my June online SNG play with an ROI% of about 14. For me, anything over 10 is good. But I'd like to see it eventually stay over 20. We'll see.

BAD NEWS: My online cash game play has dipped to a point of slight worry. It seems my previous belief in passivity at 25NL being OK at times might be hurting my results. All my stats seem to be OK, except for my PFR% being at only 6.3. I seem to have developed the habit of not wanting to raise hands like AJ or 99 in position for fear that the blinds will still call with Ace-rag and hit the flop better than I will. I'm confident that I can play against donkey chasers, but lately I have been avoiding putting chips in preflop in order to keep it low-risk. My VP$IP% is just over 18, so maybe I can step it up with hands like KT and 78s. I guess I'll have to work on fine-tuning my aggression for a while. I thought I had fixed that a while back, though. Hmmmm.

Anyway. I played 2 $30 SNGs in Reno and placed 6th in both, no cash. But I played some 1/2 NL cash games and came out +$219 in them. I did get a bit lucky a couple of times, but I still think I played very well in them overall. Full report of the pokery stuff in Reno to come. I may even post a review of the poker room and our hotel. That's a "maybe". So stay tuned.

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