Friday, July 18, 2008

Cardschat Poker Forum Adopts New Policies Regarding Freerolls

Freeroll whores, password thieves, and post-count spammers beware!! Things won't be so easy for you at Cardschat beginning August 1st, 2008. That is because the esteemed poker forum known for its friendly, beginner-oriented atmosphere, as well as its full schedule of generous freerolls, has tightened the screws on folks who would rather not contribute and not give something back to the nearly 43,000-member site.

As password sharing and registering but not ever posting has become rampant at Cardschat, as well as many other poker forums, owner Nick Kisberg has decided to change the status quo. Starting 8/1/08, members will A) have to post their poker site IDs in their Cardschat user profile and B) have to have 50 quality posts in the forum before having access to the freeroll passwords. Mr. Kisberg said in the announcing post that Cardschat staff will immediately adopt a "zero tolerance" policy towards "post-count spammers", IE: those who make a bunch of short posts like "I agree" and "way cool" in order to quickly rack up the 50 required posts. Those who try to circumvent the rules have been promised to be banned swiftly.

As of this writing, only 785 of the nearly 43,000 registered Cardschat members have 50 or more posts and only a fraction of those members are active. In addition, they must now add their poker site IDs to their CC profiles. So IMO, one should expect a huge increase of quality posting activity at one of the most popular poker forums on the Internet. What happens next should be very exciting. Stay tuned!


dakota-xx said...

Nice post - I for one I am thrilled with the new policy!

juiceeQ said...

Very nice, Stick. I am also pleased to see the positive feedback on the forums in regards to this change.