Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Video: The Mint 400... Mesmerizing, IMO

I stumbled upon this video posted by "Wardy", who is a fellow member of "Robby's Uprising", the Robby Gordon (NASCAR driver) forum I belong to. The video is about 5 minutes long and shows some edited in-car camera shots of Wardy's ride in the Mint 400. I just found it extremely hypnotizing to watch. I think the music tops it off and I just thought I'd share it here. But non-racing fans will probably think it's boring.

The Mint 400 is an annual 400-mile off-road race that has taken place on the outskirts of Las Vegas since 1968. Originally meant to promote the Mint Hotel & Casino, the race has steadily grown over the years to become known worldwide.

One interesting fact: I found out that TV's "Wonder Woman" Lynda Carter was a "Mint 400 Girl" in the 1970's and "Wheel of Fortune" hostess Vanna White was also one in the early 1980's (pictured here in a Mint 400 promo pic).

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