Thursday, May 29, 2008

Steps in the Right Direction for Ultimate Bet

In a statement released by Ultimate Bet, they admit to finding evidence of former employees who had an "unfair advantage" while playing on the site. They also go on to say that they have fixed the possibility of the same kind of cheating from happening again and have closed all the accounts involved. They say they will be refunding customers who may have been affected by the cheating. Read more here:

It took them a few months to investigate, but it looks as though they have appropriately handled the issue IMO.


Pud's Poker said...

I think they handled it pretty poorly TBH. They first denied anything had happened then went totally silent on the subject for an age. What a surprise that the same company who owns Absolute owns UB.

I used to love UB but I wouldn't give them 1p of my business now unfortuntely.

Stick said...

I actually agree with you. As more media discussion of the situation continues, I'm starting to realize the messiness of it all. UB took too long to investigate, they are only releasing partial findings, and this "third party" hired by UB to investigate is obviously biased towards UB.

I also loved UB and I am saddened that I must give up on them as a matter of principle. GG UB.

Thanks for tuning in. Cheers.