Saturday, May 3, 2008

Great Results in April

With an overall profit of $189, April was pretty nice poker-wise for me:

In ring play, my start of the month was just mediocre (as opposed to bad usually). Then the month got better and leveled off calmly. Then things took off in my last 1000 hands (as opposed to my last 400-500 usually). Did I have some luck and some heater runs? Sure. But I could also feel my game improving this month. I could bounce back from being down at a table more easily. I had more patience. At the stakes I play, being passive can sometimes pay off, IMO. So this month, I felt like my timing was better with knowing when to just call & draw and when to get aggro. I'm surprised at how many of my "hero calls" were correct this month. That could be lucky, but I also think taking more time to think over the river helped. I have been too quick to act in the past.

My SNG/MTT results were pretty stale this month. I was running just below even for most of the month until I took 4th for $48 in the Cardschat Young VS Old Winners Freeroll near the end of the month. That gave me a +$5 for the month in tourney play. Looking back on my notes, I think I made a few bad bluffs at key times that hurt my results. I play against some pretty bad regulars and I sometimes forget this late in tourneys against them. Sometimes I give them too much credit since they made it to the final table and I mistakenly assume they might be playing with more purpose. But then when I try to bluff steal PF with a bad hand and they call me with some junk like QT offsuit, I then come back to reality and realize they haven't changed. My fault. I should know better than to bluff them. I know there are times QT could be a good hand to do that with, depending on stack sizes, player reads, etc. But trust me, the folks in question have no clue of that and I should remember this. Ah well. That's poker. I can still feel good in the fact that I know I'm the better player even though they cashed and I didn't. Blind luck can only take someone so far. No envy here.

Stay tuned for reviews of 2 books about gambling and US taxes. They are both short, so I figured I'd finish them both and post reviews at the same time for comparison.


Fuel55 said...

$6 a day - nice run.

Pud's Poker said...

I agree when you say at the micro stakes you can sometimes play passive and get paid off. I've started playing NL10 6-max games again and I'm aware of what are considered optimal stats but I've found that being more positionally aware I can afford to drop a couple of VP$IP points and still rack up the $$$!

tenbob said...

Keep up the good work Stick. At this rate you'll be due for a move up in stakes shortly.