Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good March 2008 Results

I had a great March compared to my last few poker months. I finished this month up $219. I've actually fared better at SnG's and a few small Cardschat MTT's than I have at cash games. That wouldn't be such a bad thing if I didn't spend nearly the same amount of time playing each type. I only made $47 playing $10NL & $25NL rings for 30 hours and made the rest playing STT/MTT's for 41 hours. That sort of bothers me since I have been concentrating more on my cash technique lately. I ended the month at 2.82 PTBB/100 hands in cash games. I'm not sure how good or bad that is, but I thought I read somewhere that a good player should be around 7. Maybe I'm wrong, though. But it still feels like I could do better. Sometimes I win big and other times I lose big, so that $47 feels like breaking even to me.

Anyway, my good fortune in MTT's this month is due in part to a few good cashes in some of the Cardschat games. I'm a bit proud of that because I haven't done well in those until recently. Maybe I'm finally grasping discipline and patience or maybe I'm just getting used to many of the regular players. Maybe both.

I'm about 70 pages away from finishing a book called "The Poker Mindset" by Taylor & Hilger. I think it has helped my poker outlook tremendously. It really brought poker's big picture and long term results to the forefront for me. I'll post a book review when I finish it.

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