Monday, March 10, 2008

Wow! Sklansky-Gate 2008... Wild Stuff!

There's some wild stuff going on in the poker forum world and it's getting intense. I'm gonna assume most everyone who cares about online poker gossip knows who Brandi Hawbaker is and her past exploits. Well, now David Sklansky is involved in the picture and somehow the forum got involved, also. It's all pretty confusing to me, but makes for great soap-opera dramatics. If you want to try to keep up with the saga that includes:

- a vibrator in a glovebox

- a pile of pubic hair and red panties

- Sklansky's roommate or girlfriend or charge and her alleged mental state

- numerous bannings at 2+2 of some prominent forum posters, many of whom are associated with NWP

- Mason Malmuth calling NWP a "hate site"

- Neverwin's house being broken into

- and much more

...then pour yourself a cup o'coffee or a shot o'JD with a beer chaser and click on over to the "Poker Gossips and Rumours" section at and just browse. You will definitely be entertained and most likely amazed.

I know one thing: I <3 NeverwinPoker now and I just might join. This stuff is great!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure if any of this is true or made up, so I'm gonna wuss out here and say that all of the above is strictly "alleged".

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