Sunday, March 30, 2008

FTP Mods: Installation Instructions

EDIT 07/2009: Below is the OLD prodcedure. CLICK HERE for the latest instructions.

1) Pick the correctly formatted JPG file (AKA mod) you want to use for your Full Tilt table. Right click on its full-sized view and “Save Picture As” to save it to some folder on your hard drive where you can find the file easily.

2) Find the Full Tilt Poker folder on your hard drive and open it. Take the path “Graphics>Table>Racetrack” by clicking the folders in order as you see them.

3) Make a new folder in the "Racetrack" folder view. Rename the new folder something that will identify the table theme.

4) Go back to your mod in your familiar folder and use “Copy to” to copy it to the newly created FTP folder. Go to your new folder and rename that mod “table.jpg” in XP or just "table" in Vista.

5) Navigate back one level to the “Racetrack” folder view. You should see your new folder along with all the stock FTP theme folders (Green Carpet, Stainless, etc.). You should also see a .ini file called "Backgrounds". Open it with Notepad or WordPad (Vista users must open these “…Pad” programs “As Admin” to be able to edit this file).

6) At the top of the Backgrounds.ini file, you will notice some lines like Sys7="Stainless" , etc. Go to the line just after the last "Sys" line and type in Sys9="whatever your new folder was called". The format of this line must look like the others above it and be the consecutive “Sys” number. (NOTE: You can type whatever you want for the "Sys9=", but it is just easier to use the same name you used for your new folder.)

7) Go to the very last line of the Backgrounds file and type in the following:

[the same name you typed after “Sys9=” above]
MenuName="the name you want to see in your Full Tilt software dropdown menu"
Folder="the name of the folder containing your new mod"

The format of this entry must look like the others above it in the text, but have its own unique labels.

8) Save and close the “Backgrounds” file.

NOTE:To add another mod later, just duplicate these steps. However, make it “Sys10=” and so on. I’ve found that the FTP software will take up to “Sys16=”. After that, you will have to replace the stock FTP Sys lines with your own. Be careful with “Sys8=”Final””. It is the final table.

ALSO: This procedure can be done with the “Classic” FTP oval tables. In the instructions above, just look for the “Graphics/Table/Backgrounds” folder instead of the “Graphics/Table/Racetrack” folder. (But right now, all my FTP mods are of the “Racetrack” type.)

Now open the Full Tilt software and open any table to observe. Near the top right corner of the window, click “Layout>Change Table View” to make sure you are in the same style as your new mod. Then click “Options” in the top left corner of the table window. If you did everything correctly, you should now have a new table option in your “Backgrounds” dropdown box. Choose it to see your new table!

**** If FTP’s actual table blocks out the center of the image, there is a way to get rid of that so you can see your entire new mod. Those instructions can be found here.


Don said...

Hey, thanks for putting this up. I downloaded it and it looks great. You also turned me on to making some of my own. They don't look as good, but it was fun.

trolling4fun said...

FUCK YOU! This doesn't work.

Stick said...

Hey Trolling, what part of "Below is the OLD procedure" don't you understand? Dumbass.