Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bad February Ends Well, As Usual; and More

Well, my February total was -$135. I won't bother with a graph this time since it was a month very similar to my other down months. Straight down the first half, leveled off, and then a slight comeback at the end. I was down as much as $237, but then had a $100+ rush the last week of the month.

I can't really remember a month in which I ended badly. Maybe my mindset changes towards the end of a month, especially a bad one. I actually feel good about the way I played again. I did have a 5-day period with a hard downswing in which I may have let a bit of tilt creep in, but I was also working on my aggression and it could have been mistimed. I have also been working on playing longer sessions per table. Throughout my poker career, I've averaged only around 30 hands per sitting. I know it's not from being finicky about a table. I believe I've been fighting a "give up" mentality. I "give up" and leave when I make a good profit in a short amount of hands for fear of losing it. I also "give up" when I lose a decent amount in a short time, instead of topping up and staying at a good table full of lucky donkeys. To fight this, I've been forcing myself to stay at a table at least 40 hands. Overall, I think this might be helping. But in a few cases during that one downswing, I think I might have stayed too long at a few tables. LOL! The problems can never be easy to solve, can they?!!

CARDSCHAT TEAM EVENT: It's over and our team placed 2nd to last. While it's better than last, I'm not quite sure if all of the players on our team had their hearts into it. Even those of us who did grasp the team spirit didn't help much. I personally placed last or 2nd-to-last in 3 events. I don't know what it is. I'm pretty sure I played well. But I don't know if I can blame it on luck. Am I really getting outplayed? My track record in CC-sanctioned events is not good. I've only cashed a handful of times over 2 years and have never won any (the CC-player get-togethers don't count). I refuse to get superstitious about CC events, but I do avoid them from time to time. CC events are usually fun, but donk tables are where the money is. And lately, there have been a few luck-minded players placing high in CC tourneys and some really good players going out early in them. It seems I never get a crack at the lucksters because they seem to build their stacks at tables other than mine. I love to play these people because I think I know how to play them, but many other CC players don't and that's how they build their lucky stacks. Anyway, I guess I'll keep trying.

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Mike,Just a general comment, don't get by here as often as I would like, but enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.