Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Experience in Reno; Congrats to "Freak"

My family and I spent this past weekend (Feb 22-25) in Reno. Our primary reason was to celebrate my daughter's 9th birthday at Circus Circus, but I managed to fit in some live poker Saturday night.

I hooked up with my buddy "Freak" at Cal Neva and we entered a $10 rebuy tournament. 2000 chips to start, $3 pre-add-on for 500 more, and a final $10 rebuy at the end of the 1st hour for 3000 more. The blinds increased every 15 minutes and we had 40 runners with top 4 cashing. Having limited live tournament experience, this was the largest field I had been in. During the rebuy period, play was as loose as it is online. Players were calling flop all-ins with 2nd or bottom pair, etc. I think I played a little too passively by limping to see some flops. I should have either went aggro since I could rebuy or went nitty and conserved chips. Freak chose the latter for the 1st 2 hours and ended up getting 2nd for $253 (1st got about $512). He only took the add-on and the final rebuy for a total outlay of $23. I had to rebuy once more than that after some rebuy ace check raise/pushed his short stack on the flop with 2nd pair versus my gutshot with 2 overs. Since I had C-bet my AJ in position, I had to call with such good odds. I didn't hit, was severely crippled, and re-bought. My total outlay was $33 and I went out in 17th.

I still had a great experience in that tourney and learned a ton. There was every kind of player there and I had fun getting reads on each type. There was the nitty-tight, the maniac-loose, and everything in between. A virtual smorgasbord to learn about. I was a lot less nervous than my previous live sessions and my tilt factor was quite a bit lower, as well. I think my hard work in that department is paying off. I can't wait 'til next time. If I don't try some local cardrooms in my area, the next time will be in Reno in June with the Cardschat crew.

Anyway, I want to congratulate my buddy, Freak, for placing 2nd in that event. I was quite impressed with his play and how he overcame some situations. I know he would have won if his opponent wouldn't have lucked out all-in with his 97 versus Freak's AK in the final hand. WAY TO GO, FREAK!!!

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Anonymous said...

Blog is looking good, hope to be able to meet you guys in Reno sometime in the near future.