Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bonus Tilt

I've discovered a new type of tilt. It's called "Bonus Tilt". Its symptoms are getting upset because the bonus is being accrued too slowly causing one to play above one's normal stakes or to play more tables at one time than one normally would, staying at a bad table longer than one would in order to get more bonus, and making loose raises or re-raises in order to drive up the rake and score more bonus points.

I've experienced this type of tilt lately. Out of the blue as they do from time to time,Full Tilt gave me a $75 bonus to earn in only 10 days. This would normally take me about 45 days to clear, but I figured I could step it up a bit. So I started out with my normal 4-tabling at $25NL. When that wasn't clearing the bonus fast enough for my impatient self, I went to 5 tables. Then I went to 2x $25 and 2x $50NL. And, as you could guess, I started losing. I was losing more profit than I was earning bonus. For those who don't know, FTP releases the bonus in 10% increments as it is earned. So I was losing around $40 or so to earn $7.50 every 2-3 days. But after 8 days of this foolishness, I got smart and went back to my normal play, normal stakes, normal number of tables, and normal poker judgement during play. I started gaining more profit and the bonus actually became less and less important to me.

So now my 10 days are almost up, I've only earned $22.50 of it, and I could care less because I started making more profit over the past couple of days. Funny how that works!

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Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

"Bonus Tilt".. didn't have a name for it but that has bit me before as well!