Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Experience in Reno; Congrats to "Freak"

My family and I spent this past weekend (Feb 22-25) in Reno. Our primary reason was to celebrate my daughter's 9th birthday at Circus Circus, but I managed to fit in some live poker Saturday night.

I hooked up with my buddy "Freak" at Cal Neva and we entered a $10 rebuy tournament. 2000 chips to start, $3 pre-add-on for 500 more, and a final $10 rebuy at the end of the 1st hour for 3000 more. The blinds increased every 15 minutes and we had 40 runners with top 4 cashing. Having limited live tournament experience, this was the largest field I had been in. During the rebuy period, play was as loose as it is online. Players were calling flop all-ins with 2nd or bottom pair, etc. I think I played a little too passively by limping to see some flops. I should have either went aggro since I could rebuy or went nitty and conserved chips. Freak chose the latter for the 1st 2 hours and ended up getting 2nd for $253 (1st got about $512). He only took the add-on and the final rebuy for a total outlay of $23. I had to rebuy once more than that after some rebuy ace check raise/pushed his short stack on the flop with 2nd pair versus my gutshot with 2 overs. Since I had C-bet my AJ in position, I had to call with such good odds. I didn't hit, was severely crippled, and re-bought. My total outlay was $33 and I went out in 17th.

I still had a great experience in that tourney and learned a ton. There was every kind of player there and I had fun getting reads on each type. There was the nitty-tight, the maniac-loose, and everything in between. A virtual smorgasbord to learn about. I was a lot less nervous than my previous live sessions and my tilt factor was quite a bit lower, as well. I think my hard work in that department is paying off. I can't wait 'til next time. If I don't try some local cardrooms in my area, the next time will be in Reno in June with the Cardschat crew.

Anyway, I want to congratulate my buddy, Freak, for placing 2nd in that event. I was quite impressed with his play and how he overcame some situations. I know he would have won if his opponent wouldn't have lucked out all-in with his 97 versus Freak's AK in the final hand. WAY TO GO, FREAK!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An FTP Table Mod For Freak (and Everyone)

My buddy "Freak" has been having a run of tough luck lately, so I came up with a new FTP table mod for him (but anyone can use it):

Installation instructions are available in the right margin of my blog.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reports of Bodog Bouncing Checks

In an time when US online poker players (and other US online gamblers) have limited methods to financially transact with poker sites, Bodog is having problems with the most concrete way known. On one forum alone, there have been numerous reports of Bodog issuing rubber checks for some unknown reason.

Here are some of the reports:

EDIT: Just found another similar report:

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bonus Tilt

I've discovered a new type of tilt. It's called "Bonus Tilt". Its symptoms are getting upset because the bonus is being accrued too slowly causing one to play above one's normal stakes or to play more tables at one time than one normally would, staying at a bad table longer than one would in order to get more bonus, and making loose raises or re-raises in order to drive up the rake and score more bonus points.

I've experienced this type of tilt lately. Out of the blue as they do from time to time,Full Tilt gave me a $75 bonus to earn in only 10 days. This would normally take me about 45 days to clear, but I figured I could step it up a bit. So I started out with my normal 4-tabling at $25NL. When that wasn't clearing the bonus fast enough for my impatient self, I went to 5 tables. Then I went to 2x $25 and 2x $50NL. And, as you could guess, I started losing. I was losing more profit than I was earning bonus. For those who don't know, FTP releases the bonus in 10% increments as it is earned. So I was losing around $40 or so to earn $7.50 every 2-3 days. But after 8 days of this foolishness, I got smart and went back to my normal play, normal stakes, normal number of tables, and normal poker judgement during play. I started gaining more profit and the bonus actually became less and less important to me.

So now my 10 days are almost up, I've only earned $22.50 of it, and I could care less because I started making more profit over the past couple of days. Funny how that works!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nice January Graph; New BR Tracking Works!

January turned out well for me:

I ended the month with a total profit of about +$122. While it's not as much as I'd like, it still beats ending down like the last couple of months have been for me. In January, I stuck with $25 NL cash games for the most part. I also took a liking to 6-, 18-, & 27-player $5 SnG's. 9- and 10-player ones have sort of gone stale for me right now. I lost my SilverStar status on PokerStars, but the cash profit I made makes up for it. Without the pressure of having to earn FPP's at higher stakes, my poker is much more relaxed now.

Also, the graph pic only shows 12 sample points instead of 31. That's because I stopped recording my poker site bankroll amounts every day. Actually, I did for the first 3 days and was down $80. But then I stuck to recording my BR every 3-5 days. Surprisingly, I really started to relax a play good poker from then on and went on to gain $200 from the 4th on. It is so odd that something like this could help, but it does. I guess seeing a day's progress in black and white has more of an effect on me than I first thought. It kinda makes sense, though. Of course, a big daily loss could put me in a bad mood for days to come, which could just make things worse. But even a big daily win could be a letdown the next day since it might give me false hope that those kind of days should happen every day. With my sporadic BR tracking, I could have a pretty bad day and 2 good days and feel good about being near even for 3 days. Also, if I have a run of good days or bad days, it doesn't seem like such a good or bad jolt. So weird that a purely "mental" thing like that works for me!