Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another "Valley-like" Month; Music Voted Off

December was typical of the months I've had lately. Down to start, flat in the middle, and up at the end. This results in a graph resembling a valley:

Here's to future graphs looking like upwards stairs, like Tenbob's.

My variance seemed pretty wild. Again, I thought I played well but had more luck go against me. I played in an SnG recently and I counted 4 out of 5 preflop all-in hands go against me in which I had the better hand to start. AQ vs KJ and the J hits or AK vs A3 and the 3 hits, etc. I'm not complaining, just stating fact. "That's poker." I still ended up cashing in 3rd.

I'm actually doing surprisingly well in controlling my past tilt issues. I still get mad when I bust, but I don't let it affect my next play. I guess it comes from confidence that I can withstand setbacks. I also have found my tilt severity depends on the stakes I'm playing. I analyzed my stats recently and found that I was doing better at $25 NL cash games than at $50 NL, so I've decided to step back down for a while (and also play more SnG's). I had made "SilverStar" at PokerStars, but I was putting too much pressure on myself to maintain my FPP's by playing $50 NL and my stats were suffering. So near the end of the month, I abandoned $50 NL (for the most part). I did lose my SilverStar status, but my profit improved. I guess that's the most important thing, huh?

In addition to that change, I am also going to simplify my profit tracking. I think that seeing daily "ups and downs" in my profit is affecting my mindset. I'm going to try to relax and try weekly profit entries on my spreadsheet (or so). If I ever want to break down my progress more precisely, I can always do it with PokerTracker.

Besides my personal resolutions of building up my physical stamina and losing 25 pounds, my poker resolution this year is to try the local cardrooms. I love playing live in Reno, but I'm not sure why I haven't played near home. Seems a shame that I haven't taken advantage of the laws in our great state of California, where live poker is legal and encouraged. Maybe the cardrooms are an unknown to me. Are the drinks free, like in Reno? Can I wear my loud Hawaiian shirts without getting harassed, same as Reno? Etc., etc., etc. Oh well. Time to bear down and just do it.

BLOG MUSIC SENT PACKING: 47% of my readers voted to ditch the blog music, so I bid it "Farewell." 34% wanted to keep it and 17% didn't care (2% rounded down). I might just add a very short sound byte in the future (sound effect or ESPN twang), but no more full songs. Thanks to all who took the time to vote.

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tenbob said...

WHOOT ! An honourable mention in an excellent blog. Best of luck this month Stick.