Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Outlook and New FTP Mod

Well, I've taken some more hits to my bankroll this month. But, like last month, I think I've played well. I've just run across some evil suckouts. However, the point is that I have been reading a new book that says that this attitude of mine is a good thing. It says to the affect that when analyzing your losses, it is best to understand the quality of your own play more than the monetary amount of your losses. So I guess I have that half right. I do appreciate when I lose but make the correct plays, but my precise tracking of my monetary gains and losses could be hindering my progress. I just might have to change my spreadsheet/graph tracking to be more general in nature. The book I'm reading makes it a point to say that a good player can't be hung up on the value of money. I've heard this said before, but this book explains it in a way that hits home for me. I think I'll start the new year with a more general method of bankroll tracking.

BTW, I'm only 30 pages into this book and it seems excellent. Exactly what my game is needing. It's so great that I am thinking of NOT doing a book review for this blog since I might want to keep the advantage to myself and not share it with possible opponents. But I'll think about it.

MUSIC POLL: The poll ends on Dec. 31st, so make sure you get your vote tallied before then. The "Yes", music is distracting selection is winning by a small margin.

NEW FTP MOD: On Crummy's request, I have made an FTP table with the logo of the NHL's Columbus Bluejackets.

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