Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Luck November Not So Bad

Well, I feel like I played fairly well in November (mostly) but just couldn't catch enough breaks. I ended up -$160, but it could have been worse:

I've gone over many hands from November and I think I only played a small minority of them badly. Plus, I don't remember much tilting going on. I do know one thing: I need to work on my game selection. IMO, the lobby numbers don't always paint the correct picture. So now I've made a commitment to re-analyzing the table I am at after 20 hands. If I don't feel like I can beat the table by then, I'll move. Sometimes while multi-tabling, I get tuned into the cards and not the players. So before I know it, my stack at one table is down 20% after 30 hands or so. I'm finding I'm beginning to be able to "feel" 4 tables now, when I could previously only feel confident with 3. By "feel", I mean reading my opponents and being able to correctly anticipate how to play them. I don't like to play tables unless I can feel them, even while multi-tabling.

Anyway, I'm not going to blame my bad month completely on bad luck since my play was far from perfect. But I still feel good that my problems with tilt and bad hero calls weren't as prominent as last month.

POLL VOTING: Amazingly, the top 3 vote-getting selections in my music poll are currently even and there has been a decent amount of votes. I have the poll set to close on Dec. 31st, so hopefully one selection will take a lead. Otherwise, I'll have to try another one with just "Yes" and "No" as the selections. I've put a new song on the site that is from Duran Duran's latest album. I actually think it fits the blog a bit better.

Coming soon: I just finished the "Odds and Probabilities" book by Matthew Hilger, so expect a book review soon.

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November good month for me