Sunday, November 25, 2007

Near Month End Misc.

Slowly climbing out of my hole. I cut my deficit to -$150 for the month. Still grinding away. I was actually doing better at $25NL rings than at $50NL, until Tenbob got lucky on me and flopped 2 pair. He didn't slowplay and shoved the flop so I called what I thought was a bluff with my overpair of 10's. No catch. Thanks TB.

Anyway, I really like the Xfire service. But I have to shut it down because my computer is so old and can't handle the extra program running when I'm multi-tabling. I'll get back on Xfire when/if I get a new comp.

Also, the blog music poll is split evenly as of this moment. Need more votes to make a decision on the fate of blog music.


tenbob said...

Didnt you know I was playing 9 tables at the time ??? I really dont have the time to bluff when there is that much action going on :) ~Anyway its always good to win money from friends.

karmakrazy13 said...

Xfire is awesome! when u get back on add me!