Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Top Poker Forum Pulls Absolute Poker Ads

As the backlash against Absolute Poker continues regarding the "Superuser" issue, Cardschat.com, a leading online poker forum, has decided to suspend all AP advertising and promotions. Here is the official statement from Cardschat owner, Nick Kisberg:

"After reviewing the evidence from the recent scandal and in the interests of the safety and security of our members, Cardschat will be suspending all promotion of Absolute Poker until we see a more responsible course of action from the site.

We do our very best to ensure that all poker sites that Cardschat endorses act with integrity and take every step to ensure that players are protected from rogue activities - especially when money is on the line. Although Absolute Poker have provided a statement, subsequent investigations have indicated that the statement provided is almost certainly neither reasonable nor valid and as more details of the incident are unravelled, it's looking worse and worse. I have spoken to our Absolute Poker rep and urged the company to somehow try and make good of this really terrible situation, starting with releasing an *honest* and accurate statement - and to refund the money of the players who have lost out of this.

Until further notice, there will be no further endorsement of Absolute Poker on Cardschat.com.

Nick Kisberg
Cardschat.com, A WorldWide Poker Community"

Many online poker observers feel the same way. The overly-careful way AP has handled this issue has angered many who have seen the overwhelming evidence that something is not right there at AP. Maybe more actions like those of Cardschat could have an effect on AP and force them to change their perceived lack of decisiveness towards this matter that could have possible widespread repercussions throughout the online poker community as a whole. An industry's reputation could be at stake.

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