Monday, October 29, 2007

Silverstar and a New FTP Table Mod

I finally made Silverstar status at PokerStars a few days ago when I hit 1500 FPP's in 20 days. The amazing part isn't that I made it. It's how I made it. I made it by stepping up to $50NL, both 6-max and 9-max. When I tried $50NL in the past, I hadn't done so well. I guess I had some mental block relating to my bankroll. I'd either play too tight or make desperation plays and lose my stack. Then I'd slide back down to $25NL and do just fine. I guess I finally got my bankroll up to the point where I don't play "scared". There is a slight difference in the way the tables at each stakes play, but I am getting a grasp of that and doing fine. Now I just have to figure out which poker books I want to buy with the increased FPP's I'll be getting.

Here's my latest FTP creation. A table featuring my 2nd favorite NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart:

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