Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Erratic October Ended Well For Me

My October profit graph looks like the Swiss Alps:

I've actually found another problem with my game thanks to an article I read in Bluff Magazine. It's a concept called "hero calling". It's when you make a big call on the river with a semi-good hand, but not the nuts, because you think your opponent is either weaker than you or bluffing. I make some great hero calls but I also make some very, very poor ones. Lately, my poor ones have cost me more money than my great ones make. The 4 vicious downswings you see in the graph are from a combination of some wrong hero calls and some bad luck. Otherwise, I feel my overall play in October was not too bad. I use a program called "PokerEV" to track my luck factor. It's a free little program put together by a poster on 2+2.

Anyway, I ended up finishing the month at only +$5 after getting a handle on my hero calls. Not really the best results, but it's better than ending in the negative. A couple more positive notes this month were: 1) My permanent jump to $50NL has allowed me to become a SilverStar on PokerStars. 2) I won my first 45-player SNG ($5+.50). 2 very promising developments indeed.

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tenbob said...

lol what was it with October and swingy play, mine was almost exactly the same. At least you didnt show a loss. Keep up the good blogging.