Sunday, September 2, 2007

August Another Downer; My New FTP Mods

Another struggle in August:

I'm thankful that I found the book "Why You Lose At Poker" to help my skid, but it turned out to be not enough. I think I got anxious about my comeback from more than $200 down and I pushed too hard when I got back close to even. I did salvage a couple of good days to end the month at -$121 and I figured out a few more things.

One is that I need to avoid turbo SnG's. My tight, waiting style is not conducive to the accelerated blind structure. Pity because I like to get them over with sooner, but I'd also rather have a better chance to win. The other thing I figured out is that I do better in ring games if I tell myself that it is OK to wait for good hands. In the past, I have felt weak or too tight if I didn't play enough hands while at a table. So I tried bluffs or chases that were poor and usually found trouble. Enough of that!

(30 pages to go for "Why You Lose At Poker." Review coming soon.)

FULL TILT MODS: Been working on some Full Tilt backgrounds featuring my favorite NASCAR driver, Robby Gordon:

I just found the tables on 2+2 (thanks Gregg777) and added the Robby Gordon stuff to jazz them up. I'm working on a red one with Robby's Jim Beam paint scheme and I think I'll try an orange table with my second favorite driver, Tony Stewart. Also, I've dabbled in some PokerStars backgrounds but they are much more difficult. Try PS theme guru, "BarNuthin" at for some really cool ones.


Mischman said...

Download PokerGrapher

Stick said...

Hey bud. Thanks for stopping by. I have PokerGrapher, but it doesn't handle tourney stuff or a combination with rings. Just rings only. The graph I have in the post is from Excel and shows my total profit of all poker played. That's rings, MTT's, and STT's, including live.

Mischman said...

post your ring graphahq