Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Month of Dealing With Tilt = Big Trouble

Profit-wise, July was the worst month of my poker career. Things got out of control during the first half and I couldn't turn it around in the second half.

As I wrote previously, I discovered that I had a tilt problem involving over-aggressive play. But I struggled to find a way to cure this problem. This month, I am going to try a few experiments.

One is figuring out how I can educate myself about how to handle my ego in regards to poker. What got me thinking about this was an article by Irexes on CardsChat called "Poker and the Ego". My ego is definitely a problem for me in poker. I grew up racing motorcycles and bicycles with a little bit of football, baseball, and basketball sprinkled in. So competition was always about instantly beating the other guy. A guy passes you on the course and you have to get him back right away. Unfortunately, this instinct has crept into my poker game. When someone beats me in a hand, whether with a bluff or a poor play that gets lucky, I seem to get this feeling that I want to get him back right away. I must find a way to change this feeling. It is definitely NOT a good instinct to have in poker.

Here's a few other experiments I am willing to try:

  • Play more SnG's and maybe a few more MTT's.
  • Switch to $25NL 6-player rings. I liked playing at $50NL 6-pl., but the variance is a bit too high for someone struggling with tilt.
  • Taking more time with decisions within a hand.
  • More investigation on the effects that caffeine has on me.

I will update as I find results with each one.

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Bombjack said...

Try playing pot-limit; I've recently discovered all the players in those games are useless for some reason (too scared to play no-limit, although in reality it makes no difference). Also, I take it you're exercising good BRM and playing with 20 buy-ins? GL, it's probably just variance.