Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clearing Up Online Poker "Account Sharing"

I've seen some debate on forums about online poker account sharing. Say you have to go somewhere important and you are in the middle of a tournament. So you call up a buddy to come over or just have him sign on from his house to finish the tournament for you. Is this morally acceptable? How about if you are playing on your dad's account because you want to conceal your identity and avoid those old PokerTracker stats in your opponents' databases that are usually attached to your avatar? Well, "morally" no longer matters. Actually, it looks like the poker rooms themselves are cracking down, no matter what the reason is for the sharing. Here's the story:

Can your wife play for you if she makes you walk the dog? Can your buddy play for you if you have a hot date? I guess we now know the answer is "no".

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