Saturday, July 14, 2007

Need to Get a Grip on July; Reno Report

Horrible, sad start to July. I'm not really sure what the problem is. I've tried everything from moving up in ring stakes to moving down. I've tried switching to SnG's and even a few MTT's. I'm really at a loss. I started today well, so I can just hope it continues. I'm gonna try to read more of my poker books and try to relax about the current losses. Gotta grab some confidence!

It seems lately that I'm better at online cash games than SnG's & MTT's. But in Reno, I was just the opposite. I blew a wad on cash games, but did well in one SnG. Even though I felt a bit nervous playing live, my game seems more suited to the live environment. I read other players better and have more time to think. In online games, I seem to be rushed from time to time. I think I might pull out more of my online BR and hit the cardrooms around here.

RENO TRIP REPORT: Well, it was very hot at the brewfest. My wife and I seemed to take it the worst in our group. My wife even passed out from it. At first I thought she had too much to drink, but that wasn't the case. I think we didn't eat and hydrate enough before hand. Lesson learned! We even have ideas for cooling ourselves (and others) next year.

The poker in Reno was great. We played exclusively at Circus Circus. One of the head guys there named Quincy is really cool. Even though I was still feeling the effects of the heat from the first day, it was excellent playing with the folks in our CardsChat group. My cash game could be summed up in 2 quick hands in 2 days. 1) I got all in preflop with pocket Aces and got cracked by a set of Queens. 2) I limped K9 and flopped top pair Kings. Then got check raised for my short stack and I called as I read him wrong as bluffing. He had KQ. But I did take 2nd in a $30 10-player SnG. $60 prize = $30 profit, but that only made a small dent in my cash game losses. Oh well. Still had fun with some great new friends and learned a TON!

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