Tuesday, July 3, 2007

June Ring Stats Ended Well

After posting a graph in my last post regarding ring game variance, things got better. So here's another graph showing my entire month of June:

As you can see, I had some wicked variance mid-month. It would seem like I'd be doing well to get above even, then have a setback. I'd win some big hands and then lose a few big hands. I think a couple things I really grasped late in the month were my pre-flop aggression and my post-flop decisions. I started playing position more pre-flop and improved my post-flop analysis of a current hand to deeper degrees. Even late in the month, not everything went swimmingly. But the good runs were of better quality and of longer duration.

One note: Even though the June graph says I ended my ring games pretty well, I did pretty poorly in SnG's. So I only ended up +$28 for the month. I either have to work on my tourney game or just stick to rings.

I've started July on a slight down run, but have already started to recover. I learn something new everyday and I get better & better at applying what I've learned. Staying positive really helps. So does being able to reach back and apply the knowledge stuck in my brain. In the past, I have had trouble remembering all my poker studies. I hope things keep improving.

(As you can see, I have made an attempt at conquering my poker superstition by relating my status and mentioning numbers. Shhhh. We'll see how it goes. LOL)

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