Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inspector Stick Finds a Clue!

Just in time for my birthday, I found a major problem in my game and I believe it is the primary cause of my latest monster downswing. The leak (well, gusher) I found was that I get too aggressive in many situations. Can you believe that? Me, Mr. Tighter-than-tight. I've even been called "weak-tight" by some. Too many C-bets, taking bluffs too far, and wrongly suspecting bluffs too often have been my weaknesses lately. A friend told me yesterday "You rarely check a flop" and I think he's right.

Here's how I found out my problem. In PokerTracker, I printed out the hand histories of my 22 worst losses and studied them. Of the 22, 5 were suckouts/bad luck and 17 were from being "too aggro". I'm not sure what has triggered this aggression. Maybe I have had a secret desire to play LAG style. Maybe I'm on desperation tilt after having a couple mediocre months. How about too much caffeine? LOL! What ever it is, I feel confident that I can "get a grip" on my aggression and salvage one of the worst months I've had in my poker career. Wish me luck.

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lightning36 said...

Whoa - gotta take that last chart and flip it upside down, bro. lol