Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tips on Doyle's-Room-to-Full-Tilt Funds Transfer

A little background first: When I first heard that Doyle's Room was going to succumb to the effect of the UIGEA and disallow US players, I initially thought I would need to withdraw via mailed check. They charge $10 for that, so I played a little more and heard about the available option to transfer my funds balance and points to Full Tilt Poker. I thought that was great and initiated the transfer before the February 28th cut off of money games for US customers. I figured this would avoid the rush and I'd get my transfer done in a more timely manner. I had heard it would take 24-48 hours. In my case, that was incorrect.

I'll try to make this part short: No funds after 2 days, so I contacted DBPN (Doyle's Room) and they said to wait some more. After 7 days, I contacted DBPN and they re-sent the transfer. They said to contact FTP if it didn't show up after 4 hours. I waited a day and contacted FTP. My points showed up but I got a canned response saying something about "a high volume of transfers". I went back into my FTP info and saw that my phone number field was blank, so I filled it in with my number. I went though more emails with FTP for a couple of weeks with no success. Then around the 1-month mark, I went back to DBPN's live chat and begged them for help. At first, the guy told me to contact FTP. Then I begged some more and he sent the transfer again. This time, my funds showed up at FTP in 5 minutes!! Holy mole'!!

So I'm posting these 2 tips as a help to my readers with the same problem:

  1. Make sure your phone number at FTP is the same as at DBPN. I'm not really sure if that is what got my transfer though finally, but it might help.
  2. Don't give up with DBPN. Be nice, but be persistent. They'll tell you to contact FTP, but just beg them to try the transfer again. It worked for me. In fact, my guy's name was "JasonE" who helped me and after my funds showed up at FTP, I got him back on live chat to thank him.

Good luck, folks.

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