Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Experience Counts Or Your Promotion Will Fail

(Please excuse the fact that I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I've been deeply immersed in my poker playing. This post is about something I discovered during that immersion.)

Promotion? Are we talking about a job position? Well, some consider poker as their job. So yes, we are in a way. Here's some background on what the title means:

With the help of a friend, I started the month of April with a bang. I had moved up one level in NL stakes and was breaking personal records for gains. Not just breaking them. Shattering them. (My superstition prevents me from mentioning numbers, so I'll leave it at that.) So I thought "Hey! This is easy! Why don't I move up again!" Bad idea. I had less than 2 weeks of experience at that stakes level and I wanted to move up again?? Well, I paid the price. Literally. I broke personal records again, but this time it was for losses. In 3 days, I lost almost all of my April gains. I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.

What I learned was that if you "promote" yourself to the next level before you have enough experience at your current level, your promotion will most likely fail. I believe this to be true in any field. If a long-term journeyman employee gets promoted to an assistant manager and then to a senior manager right away without enough experience at the assistant level, that employee has a greater chance of failure. Even though one person can play the game of poker basically the same way at any level, there are subtle differences at every stakes level that can change the type of moves and decisions the player will have to make at each of those levels.

So I moved back down to my successful level and I'm seemingly back on track. Though I lost some money on my earlier excursion, I am glad I did it and was able to learn now what may have cost me more if I did it at more expensive levels. Cheers.


hott_estelle said...

Nice blog post here Stick.

Curious, what stakes did you make your move to the first time, and then what stakes did you move up to the 2nd time. Just give me a PM in CC if you don't want anyone to know.

Bombjack said...

I want to know too!

Stick said...

Ok folks. I hope it I don't lose credibility for playing such low stakes. I was at $10NL and moved up to $25NL and did very well for 2 weeks. Then I moved up to $50NL and got smoked. So now I'm back down to $25NL. I still move up for a bit now and then, but I think I'll be at $25 for a while. Cheers.