Friday, March 30, 2007

Mom's Theory on Name Calling

So, I got my mom signed up to receive the updates to my poker blog via email. Though she may not understand all the poker terms, she reads the entries anyway. After she read my last post about me and online name calling, she emailed me her theory on why I do it:

"...because your dad did it. (It has been said that) the same sex parent has the most impact on a child. You were saturated with that type of reaction about anything competitive from day one. Don't beat yourself up. You're just imitating. You know, like the baby chimps that bang their sticks on a rock because they saw their parents do it. No deep analysis needed."

Sounds about right to me. The proverbial nail was struck flush. I hope this new info helps in my effort to conquer the problem. So far, so good. I haven't typed a bad name in a chat box since just before I wrote my initial post about it and I have had plenty of opportunities. Like today when someone with 2nd pair 8's on the flop re-raised all-in after my pot-sized bet with pocket Aces. He hit a 7 on the river to make 2 pair and crack my Aces. My hand crept toward the keyboard, but I caught myself before I typed anything. It feels good to have the discipline.

So some thanks to Mom. You always seem to have the answers to life's stubborn questions.

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