Monday, February 19, 2007

An Interesting Type Of "Tournament"

On Saturday, I went to Southern California to my brother's surprise 45th birthday party and his wife set up the party as a "Casino" theme. She hired a company to run casino games and they had craps, blackjack, and, of course, a Texas Hold'em table. Everyone was given 500 chips to start and the one person with the most chips from all the games combined at the end of the night won a $50 restaurant gift card.

Well I, of course, spent most of my time at the ring poker table. I was playing my usual normal mixed game (occasional bluffs) and my chip count was on a roller-coaster. I was hitting hands and getting called by "free-chip" donkeys, but my bluffs were getting called, too. There were a few drunk & careless players, a few brand-new-to-holdem, clueless players, and a few serious, but very poor players. I wasn't used to this mix and there were only one or 2 semi-decent players there that I knew I could beat with my regular game. So I was down to about 425 chips and I took a break.

After mingling at the party, taking a few pictures, and resisting the urge to play craps for 45 minutes, I went back to the poker table for the last half hour. My strategy was to tighten up with no more bluffs and be way over-aggressive with my monsters. There were a few big stacks and a few short stacks. I won a hand from a chaser who folded the river and got my chips up to over 600. After a few folds, the head casino company guy came out to the poker room/garage and said "5 more minutes!" Oh no! I was way off the chip lead!

Oh well, last hand. I had fun so I was deciding if I should push pre-flop or on the flop with anything. It was 5/10 NL and I was the SB. I get AhQh. Cool! Everyone limps, including me. Flop comes As,2d,Qc. BINGO! I'm UTG. I ask the dealer "You think this is the last hand of the night?" He says "Yeah, probably." I say "OK, then I guess I'll go all-in" in an "Oh-well" tone of voice. There's 1 other all-in and 4 other players match my stack. Qs hits the turn and the 4 bigger stacks all check down through the river, which was a blank. The other all-in had Ac4c and the rest had rags. My full house won the pot on the last hand AND I won the $50 with about 3500 chips since all the other drunks lost everything to the house at craps & blackjack.

My proud assessment: Sure, it was a lucky hand. But my baiting act UTG with the nuts got those people to push and won me the $50.


Mischman said...

Nice last hand to get the GC, sounded like a fun game.

Jimbo said...

what a hand...pretty much sure to get 3-4 calls there.

pokerrqueenn said...

hi stick... misch is going to be up set but i think your blog looks best. i am not to analytical but i do enjoy reading them from timr to time did not even know i could comment until today........cindy