Thursday, January 4, 2007 Gives In; Founder Still Defensive

It looks like came to their senses regarding the $19K Christmas Tourney scandal. After a sea of negative buzz flowed their way, they have decided to pay the winners the original amounts in order to restore the calm. Here's a good article on the latest developments (note the defensive tone in the message from the "founder"):

Even though PokerRoom may hope the storm is over, many still perceive the original "mistake" claim as second thoughts by PokerRoom. Some consumers familiar with the situation say that PokerRoom was probably banking on more than 950 entrants to the $20+2 tournament. This would have eliminated any cash overlay and the product prizes would be a promotional expense. But with only 265 players entered, the cash overlay was over $13K, not to mention the product prize costs. Due to this fact, many still think PokerRoom decided to claim "glitch" and recoup the huge loss directly from players' accounts.

Though the story has a happy ending, the extent of any PR damage to will remain to be seen.

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