Friday, January 19, 2007

Optimism on This Neteller Thing

Despite some pessimistic views on the exit of Neteller from the US online gaming transactions market and its effect on the online poker industry as a whole, I am going to stay optimistic for a few reasons:

  1. There's too much money involved. Seeing dollar signs, some human being somewhere will find a smooth way for US customers to fund their online poker play somehow.
  2. The only reason Neteller had to pull out of US online gaming is because those 2 brainiacs thought they could live in the US and not get hassled. I hope all the other e-wallet companies' founders and execs get smart from this. (Many believe that Neteller's statement that they were "planning on pulling out of US gaming anyway" is just window dressing.)
  3. The poker industry isn't stupid enough to let this damage it. There's too many people who will lobby for online poker to get the same exemption as horse racing and lotteries. Sure, it might take a while. But there's too much at stake to say "Oh well."

Anyway, it's too early for US online poker players to play the "Death March". Let's give things a chance to develop. Try giving the other widely accepted e-wallet companies a shot.

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