Friday, December 22, 2006

Doyle's Room Review & Back At UB

I’ve been playing at Doyle’s Room for a few weeks now, so I figured I’d share a short review of the place. Overall, I really like it so far. The software is pleasant to maneuver through and the game play is smooth. Here is a list of hits and misses, in my opinion.

· The average player population seems to range from 8000-12000 at one time. Never a “dead” period.
· Plenty of fish. Not a many as their ads would have you believe, but enough to be easily found.
· A wide range of stakes and games. From micro-buy-in SnG’s & MTT’s (60 cents) to high-stakes cash tables. They even have Badugi.
· A full featured lobby screen with buddy list, avatar chooser, public profile, and a versatile waiting list feature. There’s even a live chat room.
· A “Manager” button pages live staff. You can ask a question, share a complaint, tattle on a potty-mouth player, or they will even put out a system message if you need more players at a cash table or SnG.

· No “players per flop” percentage listed on table screen.
· PokerTracker supports ring HH’s only.
· The software is very resource-dependant. Older computers might run slowly, especially while multi-tabling.

Even with its minor shortcomings, I would put Doyle’s Room in my top 5 favorite online poker sites. To me, the place just has a good feel to it.

Back At UB:
Well, Ultimate Bet put on another reload bonus. Since they fixed their hand history restriction issue, I decided to give them another go. I still think they have the smoothest running software of any of the online poker sites I’ve tried. The table animation is just so tight. They actually sped up the animation earlier this year. Not only do they make more rake with faster games, it also can benefit a player. More hand dealt per hour can potentially mean more profit per hour. In addition, their “mini-view” for tables is a real plus for multi-tablers. I like how they pay bits of their bonus as it is earned, too. Very convenient and it never expires. Anyway, I’ll probably be there and Doyle’s for a while until another reload bonus pulls me away to somewhere else.

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