Friday, December 15, 2006

Correct Stakes Helps Aggression & UB's Latest Update

Correct Stakes Helps Aggression:
I have recently noticed another thing regarding the subject of “Bankroll Psychology”. Lately I have been playing No-Limit Hold’em online at the lowest stakes I have ever played. Since then, I have noticed my aggressiveness has increased tremendously. My pre-flop raise percentage has doubled and my post-flop aggression factor has risen. Previously, I had been fine in STT’s & MTT’s, but I had struggled with being too “tight” at cash tables. I was afraid to bluff as much as I should and was frustrated at my lack of aggression. I believe this was because of the psychological effect of playing stakes that were too high for my own personal comfort. Experts can say you should play stakes that are a certain amount of your bankroll. However, if a player is not comfortable playing at that level, these “rules of thumb” do no good. At my new stakes level, I have even lost my stack and stayed at the table long enough to make it back up and then some. My confidence is brimming and my winrate is greatly improved. It is amazing what some experimenting and a simple adjustment can do.

UB’s Latest Update:
Ultimate Bet has finally come to their senses. With their latest software update, they allow a seated player to call up 100 hands instead of only 4 (as previously posted). This ought to make PokerTracker users very happy. Even though I’ve been in some SnG’s that have lasted 125 hands or more, the slight inconvenience should be tolerable. This just might entice me to go back to them. We’ll see.

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