Monday, November 27, 2006

Verbal Abuse In Online Poker

I've finally decided to write about the subject of verbal abuse in online poker site chat. I've been thinking about it for a while, but it just crept up and kicked me in the head while playing. In the past 24 hours while playing online heads-up $5 NLHE SNG's, I've been subject to the following gems:

  • After I beat an easily-read player's busted flush draw with Queen-high: "Q2? You ****ing donkey! I hope you die. A donkey like you doesn't deserve to live."
  • After I won the match by mimicking this player's type of aggressiveness: "You suck. You ****ing donkey. ***k your mother."
  • Before the match started, a player from Europe typed: "The US sucks. I hate all you Bush-loving pig ****ers."

I swear I'm not making this up! You have to wonder what each person's story is here. Are they mentally challenged? Are they 12? Does losing $5 really irk them so badly? Are they behind on their rent? I guess we'll never know the answer to these questions, but I wish I knew because it needs to be addressed.

I have to admit that I am fighting (and starting to win, so far) a battle with "sore loser chat", but the worst I'll come off with is "donkey", "ATM", or "idiot". I realize that even those words are low class and I'm about 80% cured. I know that any kind of commenting may make a bad player play better, thus ruining my future profit from them. But I would never get as personally vicious as the 3 lines above. I've also seen vicious observer chat happen to Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, and even Annie Duke. A couple weeks ago, some guy went at my friend "Freak" for over an hour during and after he was out of our game. Just because he disagreed with some plays, he went on about what my friend does with his dog. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be of the same species as other human beings. They just seem to disgrace us as a whole.

If someone can't handle losing, poker is the wrong game for them. I've come to realize that and so should these sore losers (I almost typed "idiots", but I'm still in rehab). This kind of "chat" is also a disgrace to the game. How must this look to a completely new, greenhorn player if they happen to come upon it? I want to be proud of online poker and believe in it, despite any new laws. But these venomous people are embarrassing.

SIDE NOTE: Is it me or is the word "Donkey" becoming more and more offensive in poker circles? People seem to use it to try to really hurt each other.

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Sandi said...

Yes Sticker, it is out of hand. I had someone verbally abuse me just last night. I went back at him a little bit, but not with too much aggresion. He was using the old "Your mamma" insults and the "sexual preference" insults.

The play I made that he was angry about was: I called a re-raise with 9-9 on the button. Well, I hit a 9 on the flop and he had AA. Yes, he got bad beated and maybe my "call" was a little weak, but the whole table was Super-Agressive. So, yes he has a gripe cause he lost with AA, but we all do (many times in fact) .

It is a beginner non-poker playing type that lashes out so much. Good post Stick!!+