Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's Have Some Fun!

First blog post here. My idea for starting this blog came from the fact that I have been looking for blogs by really average poker players like me and I haven't found any. Well, "If you want things done, you gotta do them yourself." I like to read about other common folks' poker experiences, so I figured I'd put my own here. I play mostly online poker right now, but I plan on trying out my local cardrooms soon and I plan on making semi-regular trips to Reno (all as the bankroll allows). I'll try to mix in random poker news and happenings and even some non-poker stuff, just to jazz things up. Don't want to just say "I played and I won" or "Got drunk and I lost." You may see me come up with things like "Why I dislike Jimmie Johnson (2006 Nascar Nextel Cup Champion)." Hmmm. I feel a 2nd post coming on!

Anyway, I promise to update this blog regularly. At least twice a week or more. I hate finding good blogs that die after a few months.

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