Friday, November 24, 2006

Jimmie Johnson & UB HH Workaround

NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson:
Well, as I said in the first post of this blog a few days ago, I have an opinion on this year's NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion, Jimmie Johnson. I figured I'd share it here.

In his rookie year 2002, I was a semi-fan because he was from California (like me) and looked like he & his team had it in them to challenge Gordon & Earnhardt at the top. I was even disappointed when Ryan Newman beat him for the Rookie Of The Year title that year. Then my attitude changed right about the time he wrecked Tony Stewart at the spring Phoenix race in 2005. Just pinched him right into the wall going down the straightaway (Sure I've been a Stewart fan since 2001, but that's beside the point). Then I noticed how aloof he is in interviews and actually how hard he tries to be bland. Like he has the old "I hate fame" syndrome. When confronted with any sort of controversy, he seems to curl up like a child. The last straw was when he started causing wrecks at Talledega. He's fine when he's out front, but he can't handle it within a pack. Then there have been those cheating incidents & rumors...

There have been a few articles written about Johnson lately that have hit the nail on the head. The writers have relayed the fact that he has much less appeal than previous champions and his winning could even be hurting NASCAR. Maybe he'll improve his off-kilter image with age. But right now, there's plenty to dislike about the new champion.

A Workaround For UB's HH Restriction:
I've found a solution to the ridiculous restriction Ultimate Bet has put on their hand history windows (I reported about this restriction in a previous post). It's actually quite simple and logical. Get a hold of the old version of the ultimatebet.exe file previous to the last update. Then just copy and paste it to your UB folder and overwrite the old one. No re-install needed. The update flag in the program (the prompt to download a new version when logging on to UB) shouldn't be a problem. Mine didn't need it, so I haven't researched if this would be a problem.

Though my problem is fixed, I'm still not sure about going back to UB. It's just the principle. I've read about players who have emailed their complaints to UB, but I haven't heard that they've come to their senses. I think I'll wait to see if they put their customers preferences first or if they say "Like it or lump it" (or if a killer reload bonus comes along, LOL).

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